Social entrepreneur business & training opportunity!

Invest in your latent potential and make a substantial return!

Work from home with hours to suit you, your family

and your lifestyle! 


Book your first step two hour discovery workshop HERE today and receive your free information pack on this unique social business building opportunity that will allow you the potential to earn between GBP 65k to GBP 250k per year, whilst working from home full or part time, in the biggest market opportunity of the 21st century. 

Work within a futuristic, co-creating community, hours to suit you, your children and your lifestyle.


Typically, our trainers earn GBP 6.700 minimum per trainee in mental agility,  and through our unique mentoring leverage facility make 10x more returns; these are the benefits of working in a co-creative. 

Find out how by booking your taster session HERE.


We are looking for new partners to join our existing international and non-profit organization, people who have the passion and the desire to make a major impact in terms of social change, at a time when society requires 

visionary leaders.  


Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

  • I’d love to work with people.

  • I’d love to work for myself within a supportive community from my own home.

  •  I’d love a career that allows me to control my own destiny.

  • I need a full-time income following enforced redundancy.

  • I’m looking for a real opportunity that I can run myself that has tried and tested marketing processes in place.

  • I’d love the opportunity of making an impact that has a demand for the service offered (irrespective of the economic climate).

  • I’d love an opportunity to work for myself with hours to suit me, my children and my lifestyle.

  • I’d love to be able to earn over GBP 65k a year with an unkept target in excess of GBP 250k working for myself and from my own home.

  • I’m fearful that my existing employment may cease given the current economic climate.

  • I’d love to accelerate my mind on a holistic level that benefits myself and helps other people.

  •  I’d love to find meaning, purpose and a destiny path for my life.

This is not just a marketing hype – see our existing trainers and partners.

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Our two hour taster sessions are primarily focused and orientated for serious discussions about the business and marketing opportunity enabling participants to gain a strategic view of the biggest opportunity of this century, and how to maximize your success and income.  

GBP 49.95


If you are not blown away by this opportunity, your reservation fee will be refunded! 

Our train-the-trainer setup, makes us the world's leading organization in holistic acceleration of the mind, uniquely designed to be dynamic in terms of success and scalability.


You can relax in the knowledge that you don't have to worry where and how to  obtain your next fee-paying client.

In our meritocracy we all work together to achieve mutual ends within the B2C and B2B re-training markets. Together we solve the unemployment issue and how we can evolve to a conscious society in partnership with AI. 

Please note... 

You don’t require a business premises to hold stock and you don’t need to purchase expensive equipment Nor will you need to worry about bureaucratic set-ups, KPI's or dependence on others.

We are looking for energetic, confident, motivated, entrepreneurial minded people who would like to run their own life to their ambition and desire and take advantage of the unique opportunity that the fourth industrial revolution provides. 



Join our quickly growing and established global group of experienced trainers; there are now less than  10 partner positions open for the core circle:

Meet our lead partner team:


Unlike the latest personal app or gadget, the demand for increased creativity and communication skills will never stop or go out of style, so you’ll have regular and reliable demand for your services 


The demand for our services is growing exponentially within the B2B and B2C market and even quicker with the current global situation, so you’ll never be short of enquiries from potential trainees.

We have been nominated as the “Best Global Poverty & Inequality Initiative 2020” by Greater London Enterprise Awards and SME News.


Our global partners come from many careers, industries and educational backgrounds, all with a passion for human development and co-creating a better world. 

So to sum up your taster experience you will learn, how to:

Earn between GBP 65k to GBP 250k per year whilst working from home as a trainer or even much higher levels as a social entrepreneur backed by a supporting community, with hours to suit you, your children and your lifestyle.

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