Two hour power challenge into how to accelerate your mind by 2000- 3000%!

Mind acceleration is the new industry that’s fast taking off on the global scene. Everyone is looking for ways to think quicker, verbalise quicker and act quicker, as the future demands a new way of agile thinking.

Here we take the neuroscience and the psychology behind mind acceleration to give you a deep dive into how you can upgrade your mind and your body to Human 3.0 and accelerate away beyond those who hold you back...

What you will learn: 


 1. Personal dynamics - how your unconscious thought and language patterns make rules throughout your day to create the  reality you think is real - & how this knowledge will change your life 

 2. Social dynamics - how your unconsciously adopted perceptive reality is projected onto others and unconsciously creates your life experience - and how to master your relationships through this awareness 

 3. Environmental dynamics - how where you place your mind changes the neuroplasticity of your brain so you get very different results simply by using this information to manage your mind 

 4. Situational dynamics - how you react to the challenges you face is either progressive or regressive - positivity or negatively charged - so once you become aligned  to your destiny you can develop actionary thought. 

 5. Universal dynamics - how your world view can be challenged and change to supercharge your mind  so you can reach higher states of creativity, communication and confidence.

 6. Spiritual dynamics - how developing your own philosophical belief system will give your life the essential foundation to launch your future  from as the creative architect of your reality. 

This event is not for everyone, it’s for leaders and visionaries, aspirational people who want to go beyond ‘the you do not know what you do not know’ paradigm and find out what lies beyond your event horizon ... 


Five things you’ll need to bring with you to attend this training: 

An open mind beyond the average person

A willingness to challenge what you think you know 

A desire to break your limits 

A fun loving curious demeanour 

A can do attitude with leadership and training aspirations 


NOTE : This event is run by the Council For Human Development - An international non-profit association based in Switzerland,  providing sustainable work solutions to corporate and governmental entities; as well as career retraining within the mind acceleration equal opportunity stake holder model and sponsorship program.

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