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Wisdom: Corporations are required to invariably put profits over investment into people to remain competitive, however the future will not be a place focused primarily  on profit, but the power of influence. Here the creativity and visionary innovation of people will be the most sought after commodity, that will yield the greatest return through investment.


The human resource challenges corporations will face in the third decade of the Twenty First Century, will be unique in our known history and completely re-evolutionary in our relationship with AI, and thus this will take a very new way of thinking to address.


Increasing creative capacity within the work force.

The first challenge is how to maximise the mental capacity of the workforce, in order to adopt agile creative thinking within a co creative culture that can work with AI to expand within new markets and opportunities.


Solving the redundancy problem through retraining

The Second is to provide an effective retraining experience for those who are being made redundant after loyal service as a fundamental social responsibility; something we all have a responsibility to ourselves, as we will all at one point or another be required to re-identify our careers as we face replacement by AI.


Our training solutions provide a core work force with new mental powers of accelerated creativity, communication and confidence, as well as the ethos all companies would like to foster — but so rarely find — a workforce that works as ‘one’ to create prosperity for all. Every member of staff has huge latent potential, it’s just down to the forward thinking of current Business Leaders, if they believe in their employees enough to explore this potential, and recognise the necessity to do so from a commercial view.


For those who are being made redundant with leadership or training experience, we can offer immediate sustainable work solutions in the retraining industry, that can offset the financial obligations of corporations, for preparing staff for the world outside of the corporate environment.

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Trainer & Partner CHD


Trainer & Partner CHD