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Wisdom: Every opportunity is a training opportunity and an opportunity to grow.

Our trainers are all partners within the non profit Swiss association of CHD. They have all undertaken an extensive year long program to develop their skills in mental acuity, consciousness and training others. 


There is no end to the training we do, as we are always growing as well as developing within new situations and challenges, in order to offer the best quality and most dedicated platform of training and mentoring available, specialising in accelerated thinking and trainer training. 


Here are a selection of our lead trainers:


Trainer & Partner CHD

humble - curious - sincere - amicable - practical


„A true searcher for light not afraid to speak up and to ask the inconvenient questions. A caring and practical thinker.“

„Always has a good story to tell. It’s fun to be around him and you can always count on him.“

„He knows what he wants and supports our goals with focus and commitment.“


Trainer & Partner CHD

dedicated - charming - brave - NewYork heart - highly efficient


„Thinks of everybody and everything!“ (Never doubt Anna!)

"A beautiful and fun partner in crime with a very caring heart.“ 

"A good soul, who cares for people in a genuine way which is rare and highly appreciated."

„Highly motivated to move forward as fast as possible and make the world a better place.“



Trainer & Partner CHD

clever - precise - elegant - trustworthy - resilient


„A beautiful ice queen. Sharp minded with great intuition and sensitivity for people.“

„Una prima ballerina extraordinaire!“

„Has foresight and wisdom, empathy and understanding for people.“



Trainer & Partner CHD

patient - optimistic - generous - thoughtful - fantastic cook


"The Japanese Buddha Sensei. Fabian combines a mixture of pure tranquility, peace, love and grounding. He seems to stand there like an oak, rock solid and that nothing can take the wind out of his sails. A true male angel-spirit.“

„A very warm and big hearted person. You just want to have him as good friend because you immediately know he’ll always be there if you have a problem.“ 

„A very compassionate soul with a very curious and open mind."


Trainer & Partner CHD

highly intuitive - creative - energetic - radiant - spiritually connected


"Powerful and on fire! Dedicated artist, creative and someone who approaches you with a direct way of communication, but always straight to the point and accurate.“

"It’s always her desire to set someone’s potential free and help the person grow and shine!"     

„She is spiritual and powerful, supporting women to live their femininity and celebrating life whenever possible.“



Trainer & Partner CHD

communicative - witty - adventurous - innovative - quick minded


"A great and humorous visionary with the capability to put complex contexts into “simple” schematics and understandable explanations.“


"A mental force in its own right, relentlessly striving for holistic acceleration with a twisted sense of humor and a sensitive soul.“

"The man himself. Wise, experienced, eloquent, brilliant, super brain. His abilities to navigate a conversation to a successful outcome are just outstanding. The master of speech, creativity and communication.“

“Kern has the darkest humour I know! So be prepared! But, he will surprise you with a lot of compassion and a big heart!”



Trainer & Partner CHD

straightforward - resourceful - sharp-minded - wise - eloquent

“Laura is an old soul with a very sharp mind. But most outstanding is her empathic and intuitive ability!”        

"Tirelessly fighting for the good in the world. Intelligent AND intuitive. Amazingly creative musician.“        


"A soulhearted fighter who stands up for whatever is there to overcome. Lots of passion, drive, dedication and the power to ignite that fire in people."



Partner CHD

profound - trustworthy - witty - sensitive - strong


“Matthias is a gentle giant always ready to surprise with his witty and sharp mind!”

"A deep character with a soft soul and a big heart in a big man. Able to see through the veils of reality.“

„An outstanding and intelligent questioner and a real empath, a thoughtful soul.“


Trainer & Partner CHD

empathetic - kind - fair - playful - ambitious


"He is empathetic, always looking for challenges, a great team player with humor in any situation." 

"Such a good-hearted, attentive soul with an exemplary learning attitude."

"Multi-talent always busy with bringing change to people. Someone who really cares from the depth of his heart and a secret dancing talent!"



Trainer & Partner CHD

artistic - cool - honest - empathic - wild


"An impressive mixture of high sensitive fire and focused coolness as well as an admirable artist both inside and out."

"He is humorous and engaged, very kind and wise, focusing on fun and always likes to play."


"Such a well-balanced and level-headed character that makes you feel great in his company."   



Trainer & Partner CHD

loyal - considered - philosophic - courageous - modest


"Teacher by profession, rebel at heart. Insightful visionary and reformer Itching for change and disruption."

"Very empathetic and not afraid to stand up for his values and fight for a cause. Stefan is the ultimate teacher I’ve always wanted when I was young.“

“Stefan is the most loyal soul in the world. The best listener and has a heart as big as the world.”



Trainer & Partner CHD

reliable - courageous - open-minded - creative - honest


“Angelika is a very kind hearted woman with an analytical mind and a wild soul!”

"An impressively courageous, kind and cool mind, always ready for new adventures to get to the next level.“

"A responsible, conscientious and warm-hearted human being that looks in an exemplary manner for the good in every person.“



Trainer & Partner CHD

cheerful - creative - spiritual - intelligent - versatile


"Highly enthusiastic, happy and friendly mind-expansionist.“

"A joyful searcher for the „more“ behind the curtains of his universe and enthusiastic sharer of his wisdom.“

"Kamal is a loving and passionate man with a sharp business mind.”


Trainer & Partner CHD

warm-hearted -  creative - outgoing - thoughtful - entrepreneurial 


„Experienced, wise and warm-hearted personality. A pure and spiritual giver with a great heart.“

"A very curious mind full of ideas and always ready to support others in sharing his wisdom while mutually eager to keep on learning.“

“Michael is very thoughtful with a lot of wisdom to give. When you speak with him you feel understood and cared for.”